pine1 «pyn», noun.
1. a) a tree bearing woody cones and clusters of evergreen leaves shaped like needles that grow out from temporary scalelike leaves. The various kinds of pine make up a genus of the pine family. Many kinds are valuable for lumber, turpentine, resin, and tar. »

It is usually easy to distinguish the pines from other evergreen conifers by the arrangement of their leaves (needles) in groups of two, three, or five (Fred W. Emerson).

b) any one of various coniferous trees resembling pines, especially in areas where true pines do not occur.
2. the wood of any one of these trees much used in construction.
3. Informal. the pineapple.
[Old English pīn < Latin pīnus, -ūs]
pine´like´, adjective.
pine2 «pyn», verb, pined, pin|ing, noun.
1. to long eagerly; yearn: »

to pine for home. The mother was pining to see her son.

2. to waste away with pain, hunger, grief, or desire: »

to pine with homesickness, to pine away with longing.

SYNONYM(S): languish.
Archaic. to repine at; lament; mourn.
1. Archaic or Scottish. pain, suffering, or misery: »

heavy-dragg'd wi' pine an' grievin' (Robert Burns).

2. Obsolete. effort; pains.
[Old English pīnian cause to suffer; later, suffer < pīn torture, punishment < Vulgar Latin pēna, variant of Latin poena penalty < Greek poin. Compare etym. under pain. (Cf.pain)]

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